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#Find15 Small Steps To Be Kinder To The Planet

Kids today are well educated on global warming and climate change, and when it comes to their planet, they’re not in the mood to mess around. The message is clear: less talk, more action. And there’s one children’s brand that’s busy listening, Start-Rite Shoes. Start-Rite’s ethos has always been about protecting children, and the growing voice of this new generation has inspired their latest campaign, #Find15, by coming up with simple ways for families to help the environment.

Start-Rite’s #Find15 campaign

#Find15 is Start-Rite’s new pledge and challenge to their customers and colleagues to make 15 small changes to everyday tasks by the end of the year, to safeguard our children’s future by helping the environment.

Over the next 10 months, Start-Rite will share inspiration as well as your achievements, celebrating the changes being made to become kinder to the planet. Their goal is for families to end 2022 having integrated 15 small changes to everyday life, knowing that all these small changes combined will make a big difference to the planet.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.  So, why not join in and to start with, over the next three months, aim to integrate five small changes? Here are 10 fabulous ideas to help the environment, all inspired by the new season, springtime, the most wonderful time of the year.


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Household swaps

Swap cling film for beeswax

A natural alternative to clingfilm, beeswax wrap conserves food naturally, reducing the need for single-use plastic. Beeswax wraps are self-sealing, reusable for up to a year when you’ll need to re-wax them, which you can do yourself. To help the environment, you could also consider investing in eco-friendly containers with lids, that you can re-use time and again.

Plan meals to reduce waste

According to The Eco Experts, the UK throws away 9.52 million tonnes of food each year which emits 25 million tonnes of CO2e – more than Kenya’s total annual emissions. Be food-savvy with your weekly shop, and get creative with your leftovers.

Swap to eco coffee pods

A whopping 60 billion coffee pods end up in landfill annually. Why not try reusable pods with espresso powder to get that caffeine kick? You could even try making your own delicious-smelling body scrub with your used coffee pods! Here’s how:

What You’ll Need:

  • A container or old jar
  • A sharp knife
  • 15-20 used coffee pods
  • 1/4 a cup of brown or granulated sugar (your choice)
  • 1 vanilla pod (optional)
  • Baby oil

How To:

  • Carefully open your used coffee pods with a sharp knife.
  • Empty the contents of your coffee pods into your chosen container and mix until it becomes moist.
  • Add your chosen sugar and mix.
  • Add your vanilla pod (optional).
  • Mix all the ingredients until they create a fusion of all three.
  • If your mixture is too dry add a dash of baby oil.
  • Enjoy in the bath or shower!

It’s thought that using coffee in your everyday beauty routine can have amazing benefits, due to its exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties. It promises to temporarily reduce cellulite, improve circulation, reduce eye puffiness, and smooth skin.

Baby steps

Choose plastic-free baby wipes

It’s bonkers to think that 11 billion wipes are used every day, having a catastrophic effect on the environment. Most baby wipes include plastics that take 100 years to disappear. The solution? Make a small switch to water-based wipes, such as compostable Aqua Wipes that biodegrade in just six weeks.

Ditch the bath in your bedtime routine

Bath, bottle, bed has been a mantra for parents for many years, but a daily bath is not the best for young sensitive skin or the planet’s natural resources. Instead, find a peaceful routine that works for your little one and try turning bathtime into a less frequent, fun time occasion. We recommend investing in a Toniebox Starter Kit for the all-important wind-down. There are so many incredible bedtime stories and songs for babies, toddlers and young children they’ll enjoy listening to before bed and while they drift off to sleep.

Conscious clothing ideas

Eco-minded alternatives

Check out Muddy Puddles and Frugi for outdoor splash suits designed to protect clothes from dirt. Dry Kids PU Splash Suits are a great option because they’re made from recycled plastic.

Reducing your laundry frequency preserves your clothes lifetime and saves on detergent and many litres of water. You could also try the sustainable Laundry Egg, for laundry detergent and fabric conditioner, designed without the use of harmful chemicals.

Pictured: Start-Rite’s new Puddle Boot in yellow, RRP: £24.99. 
Dry Kids PU Splash all-in-on rainsuit, RRP: £34.95.

Consider leather alternatives

Start-Rite’s Vegan School Shoe collection was created for customers seeking a hard-wearing alternative for their ethically minded youngsters. Vegan shoes are kinder to animals, and the materials used to make them offer a longer wear and are better for the environment.

Get outside

Spring clean the outdoors

Winter weather can play havoc with litter bins, so why not help clean up your local environment, starting with your own neighbourhood. You could find a local group to join in a litter pick. Many councils and charities are looking for volunteers and welcome children to join too.

Upcycle planters

Create a mini veg patch or flower bed from recycled containers. Rain hats, ice-cream tubs and old wellies make eye-catching planters. Gardening engages all sorts of senses, encourages health eating and teaches responsibility and patience.

Walk a Daily Mile

Start-Rite are proud to support The Daily Mile to encourage children and families to ditch the car for short journeys, get their hearts pumping faster and enjoy the beautiful Springtime bloom. Getting kids walking not only helps to contribute to their daily exercise, but it’s also time you can spend with your child, forming good walking habits that will last a lifetime.

Share your #Find15

We know a sustainable lifestyle is a journey, not a destination. Get on board and help the environment by spreading the #Find15 message and sharing your ideas and progress with Start-Rite on their social media channels. Together we can be the change our children want to see.

Follow Start-Rite on Instagram and Facebook.


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