In support of Child Safety Week, 6 – 12th June, we called on our favourite fireman – Sam (anyone know his last name? I’m guess he won’t mind informalities on this occasion) to share with us his brilliant video and top ten safety tips, for you to watch with to your little ones.

  • Always walk when you are near a swimming pool, never run.
  • Never push anyone into a swimming pool.
  • If you are swimming in the sea, never turn your back to the sea – this will prevent you from seeing big waves coming towards you.
  • Take care when paddling and swimming in the sea as the water can get deep very quickly.
  • Always ensure you have a responsible adult with you when paddling and swimming in the sea.
  • Always leave lighting a barbeque to a responsible adult.
  • Ensure you keep your barbeque a safe distance from trees, bushes and anything else that may catch fire before lighting it.
  • Make sure that your barbeque is placed on a flat surface so it stays in place once it’s lit.
  • Always stand back from a barbeque and keep a safe distance whilst it is in use.
  • Stand back from the edge of the platform at the railway station and never push anyone whilst on the platform.

To watch more of Fireman Sam’s Summer Safety Videos please visit the Fireman Sam Essential Safety Collection on the Fireman Sam YouTube channel.