I have always found that salt painting is a huge hit amongst children. YC and EC loved it when they were younger. We haven’t done it since BB was born, so I thought it would be a fun for Bonfire night to make our own firework salt paintings.

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To make your own firework salt paintings you will need:

  • Fine table salt
  • Card stock
  • PVA glue
  • Pipettes
  • Liquid water colours or food colouring

This works best if you have the glue in a bottle with a screw top, just like Elmer’s glue. It makes it easier to get a precise line and picture.

Start by drawing your fireworks with the glue.

firework salt paintings

Next cover the glue with salt. We had a baking tray that we tipped the excess salt into, which we then used up on later pictures. If you able to, I would let the glue sit for a few minutes to let it dry. You could make a couple of pictures first before adding the paint.

firework salt paintings

Carefully add the colouring to the salt. You really don’t need much. One drop will go a long way. BB found this part rather hard, but he tried so hard to get a couple of drops out at a time, rather than empting the whole pipette onto one area. It is also fun to add different colours to the same firework and watch how the colours merge together.

If you want to hang up your firework salt paintings then I would highly recommend spraying them with a firm hairspray. This will help to hold it all together.

When BB had had enough of doing fireworks we did some other pictures before finishing up with one of my favourite activities – colour mixing on a kitchen towel. This was a great way to finish up any left over watercolours.

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Firework salt painting to celebrate Bonfire night.