firework sequin art

Crafts & Activities / 1 November, 2017 / Nanny Anita

Firework Sequin Art

A couple of months ago while I was volunteering at Great Ormond Street Hospital I came across this amazing sequin art craft pack. My partner in crime for the day and I spent about an hour with one patient doing this craft pack. After which I was hooked. I even went out and got myself one to do. Once I had completed my picture I thought that this would actually be quite a good craft to do for bonfire night as a firework sequin art.

Make sure you follow my crafts for older children/teens on Pinterest for more ideas. Don’t forget to save the pin for later.

You will need:

  • Sequins*
  • Craft pins*
  • Polystyrene sheets**
  • Black paper

* You can buy packs of sequins and pins from Tiger for just a few £s

** I got mine from but if you have any parcels delivered with polystyrene in then you can just use those.

firework sequin art

Your polystyrene sheets need to be about ½ inch think. This is to stop the pins coming all the way through. As my sheets were quite thin I used about 4 sheets together. There is no need to glue them together as the pins will hold them in place.

Place a black piece of paper on the top of the polystyrene; secure it by pinning it in the four corners. You don’t want to use thick paper as it makes it harder to get the pins through.

firework sequin art

I started out by drawing my firework design onto the paper, but quickly found that I didn’t need to. Simple put your sequins in the pattern you want and then pin them into place.

Since this firework sequin art is quite fiddly it you may find it better suited to older children.

firework sequin art

YC’s firework sequin art

YC had a go making one during movie time during half term as EC decided he wanted to watch an old WW2 movie and it didn’t really appeal to her.  She did find it quite tricky to the nails in place and push them through, but she got there in the end.  When her 4yr old cousins turned up she even taught them how to do it.

A word of warning though, this can make the top of your fingers rather sore from pushing all the pins in. The tip of my index finger was rather tender afterwards.  YC stopped after about 40 minutes as it was beginning to make her fingers sore.

If you enjoyed this firework sequin art be sure to check out my firework canister experiment and firework printing.

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firework sequin art: Make a sparkly piece of art for bonfire night with this firework sequin art.  This craft is better suited to older children, tweens, and teens.

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