I took my son to his first proper dentist appointment last week. I was nervous about how he would react to sitting in the chair, but the wonderful Dr John Roberts made us feel very at home. He counted his teeth and then spent a few minutes looking at his gums and soft tissue. We were given a clean bill of health, but he did say that the gums were slightly swollen in areas, and explained about how important brushing really is. 

He presented us with a new toothbrush, and demonstrated on my son, who for the first time ever thought it was funny to have his teeth brushed. As one would expect, it was pretty straight forward, but he did show me how to push his tongue in with the back of the toothbrush, to really get to the inside. When doing the front, he lifted the top lip and brushed quite firmly in a circular motion. He said it didn’t really matter if he wanted to rinse his mouth out sometimes my son wants to and sometimes he doesn’t! But he did say that it would be better all round if teeth brushing happened after milk drinking, which my son still loves before bed. 

I’ve been asked to go back in 6 months for a second check-up and hygienist’s appointment so I’d better start saving up now. Paediatric dentists are not cheap! 

We went home with a balloon and a sticker which my son was thrilled with!