Who better to get the Halloween party started than Sharky & George? Here are their five favourite ghastly games to entertain the kids this Halloween.

Ghostly Loo Roll Bowling

Get 10 new loo rolls and in black marker draw some scary eyes on each one. Stack them up in a pyramid with 5 on the bottom row, then 4, 3, 2 and 1 on the top. Depending on the age of the players take 10 paces back and create a line behind which to throw from. Each child has 3 pumpkins to throw down the ‘alley’ and knock as many of them down as possible.


Split the group into 2 teams and give them 5 loo paper ghosts each. The teams then nominate a ‘Mummy’ who, on the word ‘go’, must be completely wrapped in as much loo roll as possible. The winners are the team which has wrapped their mummy the most effectively in 2 minutes. A second quick competition is to challenge the teams to unwrap their mummy and sit down the fastest.

Giants, wizards and Trolls

This game is very similar to the ever-popular “Paper, Scissors, Rock”, but much more active! The game is best played in a gym or other similar room. Divide the children into two teams. The teams gather at opposite ends of the gym and decide which creature they want to be for the first round: either Giants, Wizards or Trolls. The whole team must be the same creature. When both teams have decided, they line up, facing the other team, in the middle of the space. Everyone together yells “Giants! Wizards! Trolls!” and then whatever creature their team has decided to be. For example, a team who is Giants would yell: “Giants! Wizards! Trolls! GIANTS!”

Now here’s the catch: Giants step on Trolls (i.e. Giants beat Trolls), Trolls tickle Wizards, and Wizards zap Giants. In each round, whichever team “beats” the other team must chase the losers back towards their side of the gym. For example if one team yells “Giants!” and the other yells “Trolls!”, the Giants have won (remember Giants step on Trolls). So the Giants chase the Trolls back to their side of the gym. Anyone on the losing team to be tagged before they can touch their wall of the gym now belongs to the other team. In rounds where both teams end up being the same creature, consider it a tie and start over. Play the game until most of the children are on one team.

In addition, there are actions to do for each of the creatures during the yell that starts off each round. Giants: raise arms high overhead; Wizards: arms in front of body as if throwing a magic spell; Trolls: hunch down curl arms inwards.


Pumpkin Pop
Get enough orange balloons so that each child has 2. Tie an elastic band into the knot when inflating them and place the ‘pumpkins’ around each ankle of each child. Choose some cool Halloween music and when you press play the children must dash around trying to smash the other children’s pumpkins. The last few children with unsmashed pumpkins are the winners!

Witches Hat Rings

For this you need 6 witches hats and a packet of glow bracelets. Place the 6 witches hats in a triangle close together, make up magic lots of glowing circles (quoits) with 2 of the bracelets making up one circle and finally make a line behind which the children can throw the magic circles. The children get a point for each ring the get over the point of the witches hats. You can score this in teams or individually and add a few bracelets to the rings to make the game easier if needs be.

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