If you are a parent then the clock going back an hour this Sunday 28th October may not be a reason for excitement as it is for everyone else. Especially if you are a parent of a baby or a small child.

At Happy Beds we understand how that may be a cause for concern as no parent wishes for havoc to play a part in their day to day routine. So, here are some useful tips tried by other parents, which we have gathered to help you this autumn.

Top tips for the clock change

  1. Plan days with heavy activity in the morning, particularly physical activity, and then a more relaxed and calm afternoon for the days on which you are putting the bedtime later. If your young baby is particularly sleepy you may even need to introduce an extra power-nap in the late afternoon.
  2. During the transition, keep lights bright and curtains open a little longer to encourage children to stay awake for longer. Make bath time a little longer to help stretch out the time
  3. Be sure that windows have black-out shades for the morning time so the light is blocked out and children are not woken up earlier than they should be.
  4. Over the days, if the bedtime changes are gradual – say 10 minutes over 6 days – then change the other activities by 10 minutes as well. (bath time, nap time and mealtime to match the new routine).
  5. If you have a child who wakes up early naturally, then you may need to look at adjusting the bedtime over a longer period to ensure the extra hour is fully accounted for.

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