Plums are now finally ripe and perfect to eat.  There are so many ways to utilise the mighty plum but my favourite way is this easy, quick tart, which is heaven on a plate.


  • Sweet Pastry
  • 120g plain flour, sifted
  • 60g unsalted butter
  • 2 tablespoons golden caster sugar
  • 2 free-range egg yolks
  • (or shop bought sweet pastry – try to buy the all butter version)
  •  500g of fresh plums
  • 150g golden caster sugar (or more depending on how tart the plums are)
  • a little water
  • 1 free-range egg
  • 4 tablespoons double cream


To make the pastry, set the oven to 190-200c, Gas 5.

Put the butter, sugar and egg yolks into a food processor and blitz quickly.  Add the sifted flour and blend the mix into a paste.  A ball of dough should be formed.  When it is ready wrap the pastry in cling film and chill it in the fridge for at least half an hour.  When you are ready to bake the pastry, roll it out on a floured surface as thin as you can get it and then line an 8inch tart tin with the pastry.  Cut a circle out of greaseproof paper and place it over the pastry and then cover the paper with baking beans and shake them out so they are all level.  Pop in the oven for 15 minutes.  Now take the pastry out, remove the paper and prick the base of the tart with a fork to let out trapped air.  Return the tart to the oven for 5 – 10 minutes until the base begins to crisp.

While the pastry is chilling, halve and stone the plums and put then into a heavy-based saucepan.  Add the sugar and water, stir well to dissolve the sugar and bring the plums to a very gentle simmer.  Allow the plums to stew softly for a about 15 minutes.  When you think they are ready, take them off the heat.

When the pastry is cooked, pour the stewed plums into the pastry case.  Turn down the oven to 170c and put the tart in.  Cook for 30 minutes.  After this time, in a small bowl beat the egg and double cream together.  Take the tart out of the oven and pour the egg and cream mixture over the top of the tart.  Try and distribute it evenly.  Pop the tart back in the oven.  By adding the egg and cream you are adding a thin layer of basic custard that adds a wonderful depth to the tart.  Cook the tart for another 10 minutes and it is done with the ‘custard’ starts to brown.

When the tart is cooked, take it out of the oven and allow to cool.  Delicious served with clotted cream.

Best wishes, Fleur & The Food Stork Team
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