Unlike his brother at this age, BB is much more into doing art activities, which makes a nice change.  The moment he sees me setting up something, he wants to join in.  I set this floating chalk printing craft as an experiment to see if they would be a good way to decorate thank you cards.  As a side note, they are.

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To do your own floating chalk printing you will need:

  • A big bowl (like a washing up one, you need to be able to put a sheet of paper into it).
  • Chalk
  • Blunt knife*
  • Card stock

*we used closed scissors for this rather than a knife.  You need something to grate the chalk with, so it doesn’t need to be sharp.

Card stock works best for this.  We tried using ordinary paper to see what would happen.  But as you can imagine the paper almost disintegrated.  Card stock doesn’t have that problem.

Fill your bowl up with some water.  It doesn’t need to be very deep.

Grate your chalk onto to the surface of the water.

floating chalk printing

Then place your piece of paper on the surface of the water.  You don’t need to leave it there, nor do you need to push it under the water.  Once it has completely touched the surface, pick it up and leave it to dry.

floating chalk printing

For a more vivid colour, you will need to use more chalk.

BB loved doing this.  It was a great way for him to work on developing his fine motor and coordination skills needed for grating the chalk.

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