A few weeks ago, I did a flower vase sensory tray with YC and BB.  The flowers lasted a long time, about 2 weeks.  But they obviously began to look slightly sorry for themselves.  Rather than just throw them in the bin I decided to add them to a water table to create a flower water sensory tray.  Perfect for playing with during the hot weather after school.

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To make your own flower water sensory tray you will need:

  • Deep sided tray
  • Water
  • Spoons, pot, or cups
  • Flowers*

*You do not need to go out and buy flowers to do this.  You can use bunches of flowers you might already have at home that are about to be thrown out.  Of pick some from your garden, just make sure that if you do that, you aren’t using any that might be toxic e.g.  Foxgloves; very pretty flowers, but are poisonous to touch and can cause heart problems.  Also, I am going to add my warning for Cow Parsley.  Cow Parsley is fine; however, it looks very similar to other forms Hogweed that can cause nasty skin reactions.  So that is one I generally encourage the kids not to pick and use.

flower water sensory tray

When you have your flowers simply add them to the water tray and throw in some spoons, pots, bowls, or spoons.  It takes less than 5 minutes to set up and can provide hours of entertainment.

flower water sensory tray

I added some soap foam to ours as well.

flower water sensory tray

BB loved playing with this and immediately went about making potions with it all.

flower water sensory tray

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Flower water sensory tray.  One of the easiest water trays to set up.