fluid painting with kids

Blogger / 25 February, 2019 / Nanny Anita

Fluid Painting With Kids

Last Easter we tried our hand at doing fluid painted Easter eggs. They turned out beautifully, and fluid painting became a favourite form of painting for everyone. Over the summer EC asked me if we could do it again, and of course I said yes. I had already been planning to do it again, but this time with the proper equipment. Unfortunately it has taken a really long time to get around to doing our fluid painting, but a few weeks ago we finally made the time for it. It of course was a huge success. We even have plans to do more of it and turn our creations into place mats.

Make sure you follow my painting board on Pinterest for more ideas. Don’t forget to save the pin for later.

For fluid painting you will need:

  • Liquid pouring medium*
  • Acrylic paint
  • Lots of cups
  • Stirrer
  • Canvases

*I ordered our Luquitex pouring medium form our local art shop (one reason it took so long to do), but you can get it on amazon.

Normally when we do painting I use our art table covering, this time I covered it all in newspaper. It makes for a much easier clean up, as this gets very messy.

fluid painting with kids

Pour your paints into a cup (paper cups are great for quick clean ups).

fluid painting with kids

Next add the pouring medium. We weren’t sure how much we needed to use. YC came out saying that “it’s better to start out with a little bit, because you can always add more, but you can’t take it away.” Better words were never spoken. After our first attempts we actually added more.

Make sure that you mix the paint and the pouring medium together well, then leave it to sit for a bit.

fluid painting with kids

When you are ready, get a clean cup and start pouring paint into it. This in itself creates some wonderful looking patterns.

fluid painting with kids

Place your canvas over the top of the cup, holding it firmly in place flip it over. Carefully remove the cup and let the paint pour onto the canvas.  Slowly tip the canvas so that the paint eventually covers it all. You may want to add extra paint in places.


fluid painting with kids

Honestly, fluid painting is an extremely addictive art form. I would pay good money for each of their creations. EC and I spent ages after we had finished discussing what we thought the pictures looked like. The great thing about them is the more you look at them, the more details and flashes of colour you find hidden in them.

Even though BB didn’t do the fluid painting he did enjoy painting all the spilled paint on the paper.

If you enjoyed this fluid painting be sure to check out my stryofoam block printing and shell painting.

Pin for later:

Fluid painting with children.  No two pieces are alike and each piece is a masterpiece.

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