On Tuesdays BB and I go to a playgroup together. It’s a sweet place, it kind of reminds me of something from Call the Midwives, with many different stations set up for him to play at. As BB is only 16 months he doesn’t really play yet. He explores. As this is just free play I notice that he gets more and more unfocused as time goes on. He spends less time with things and more time just wandering around. To try and refocus him I try to do some sort of activity in the afternoon. Our latest one was using small world toys to create a foot print painting.

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You will need:

  • Small world toys*
  • Paint
  • Paper

*A small world toy are normally plastic toy creatures that you can buy at pretty much any toy store. I took out a big selection for BB to choose from. They included farm animals, dinosaurs, monsters, a polar bear, and a penguin.

On a plate squirt some of the paint.

Foot print painting

Let your little one dip the feet of the creatures into the paint and them stamp them over the paper.

Foot print painting

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Foot print painting - a toddler approved craft.