Happy New Year!

I’m really excited about writing this blog. This is the time of year where everyone is reinventing, improving and making positive changes in their lives- so I thought it would be a great time to do a makeup tutorial to go along with our new found energy and positivity!

For the last couple of years our social media feeds have been bombarded with over the top makeup tutorials that tell us we need to contour our faces so they are unrecognisable, reshape our noses and minimise our natural bone structure. I have dug in my heels and refused to follow suit and I am standing up and encouraging everyone to start embracing their natural, beautiful faces.

You can enhance your natural beauty without completely disguising it! Wear as much or as little makeup as you like but use it to enhance, not disguise who you are.

So today, my lovely model let me revamp her for the new year. I created a look that was wearable for the daytime and/or work. We revived her skin, enhanced her gorgeous eyes but left her looking like her beautiful self.

I hope you enjoy the video because we certainly enjoyed making it!

Here are the products I used:






Tutorial by Ashley Gifford of Prim Powder Pout