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Bath & Bed / 21 February, 2019 / Ellie Thompson

From Birth to Beyond: A Unique Sleep Space That Grows with Baby

Shnuggle have launched their new birth-to-beyond Air Bedside Crib, a unique sleep space designed to grow with your baby.

Newborn to two years

The innovative Air Bedside Crib offers so much more than most newborn sleep solutions on the market. Its clever design provides your newborn with a safe and cosy space to sleep – with a twist. The Shnuggle Air is able to grow with your child, so that your baby can enjoy the same familiar sleeping environment until they’re two years old.

Conversion kit

The crib-to-cot conversion kit transforms the crib into a cot big enough for your baby to continue to sleep safely and comfortably until they’re ready to make their cot to bed transition.

The conversion allows you to avoid any sleep transitioning issues that can occur around the six month mark. This is when baby usually makes their inevitable switch from separate crib to cot.

The cot conversion kit can be purchased as part and parcel of the Shnuggle Air’s Complete Sleep System, or it can be acquired separately at a later date.

Adjustable legs for a gentle incline

The Shnuggle Air has adjustable legs in order to soothe babies suffering with reflux and colic. This is a major selling point for me; it’s fantastic to see a trusted brand incorporate this feature safely and seamlessly into their product design. My daughter suffered from severe reflux and we resorted to stacking books beneath the crib’s legs to achieve that all-important incline. This is a much safer option!

Attaches securely to your bed

The Shnuggle Air works perfectly as a standalone sleeping solution, or it can be attached securely to your bed. With seven available height adjustments, it’s compatible with beds 43 to 64cm high.

Dual-view breathable mesh

The crib’s dual mesh sides offer complete visibility which is so reassuring in the early days of bringing baby home. The mesh closest to you can be unzipped to give you easy access to your baby. I love the closeness this offers, while ensuring a safe sleep space for your little one.

Breathable mattress

It’s not just the mesh sides that maximise air flow. The crib’s air-flow mattress is made from a hypo-allergenic fibre tested to be 50% more breathable in comparison to a standard mattress. It’s hand washable and comes with a quilted cover for extra comfort.

Storage hammock

There’s a handy storage hammock situated underneath the crib, which is the perfect place to keep any changing or feeding essentials.


The Shnuggle Air is easy to assemble and offers the ultimate in comfort, safety and quality. It’s a brilliant solution for parents looking to invest in a product that will grow with baby. Made in stylish neutral colours in a choice of two fabrics, it’s a beautifully made product that will look stunning in both master bedroom and nursery.

Shnuggle are a brand that are clearly listening to their audience. They’ve got their finger on the pulse when it comes to making our lives as parents easier.

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