Stockings are a must in our house. Apart from the sheer excitement the kids get when hanging them up on Christmas eve, I love that I get just a little more time in bed while they open them! Purchase some fabulous little gifts to go along with those boring satsumas this Christmas with our handy gift guide for kids stockings.

Rubber Dinosaur Toy, Best Years

Playmobil Dog Trainer, Harrods

Unikitty Collectibles, AlexandAlexa

Micro Bell, Micro Scooters

Washable Window Markers, AlexandAlexa

Boo Mystery Box, GUND

Dragon & Unicorn Socks, Pal Socks

Ribbon Streamers, Micro Scooters

Glitter Glue Gift Set, AlexandAlexa

My Cosmos Marbles Bag, AlexandAlexa

Bath Crayons, Nuby

Nanables, Smyths

Yellies, Harrods

Rocket Windmill, Micro Scooters

Feisty Pets, Smyths


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Planets Tray, Best Years

Trio DECO, Stabilo

Hangrees, Smyths

Slurpees, Smyths

Named Keyring, Name Your Keyring


Positive Pencils, Stib

Squeezamals, Smyths

Foodie Roos, Smths

Skipping Rope, Gifts for Little Hands

Baby Born Surprise, Smyths

Boo Plush, Belle and Boo

Bunny Lip Balm, The Hambledon

Royal Clips, Amazon

Thanos Gloves, Asda

Lightsaber Bodywash, Sainsburys



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Danger Gang Tin, The Entertainer

Pop Pop Hair Surprise Doll, Harrods

Whisper & Glow Figure, Amazon

Lucky Fortune, Amazon

Pomsie Poos, Smyths

Treasure X Alien Hunter, The Entertainer

Blume, Smyths

Clip ‘N’ Go Pokeball, Smyths

Bananas, Smyths

Slapband, Smiggle

Orca Cup, Munchkin

Insect House Craft Kit, John Lewis


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