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Top 5 Games For SEND Support

Orchard Toys games are designed with education in mind and feature fun gameplay, bright and colourful illustrations, with durable, thick, quality card pieces, and ‘Learning Made Fun’ sitting at the heart of all the games. Here are Orchard’s five games brilliant for SEND support.

Games for SEND support

The breadth of what children find challenging is vast. For some, it’s literacy-based or numeracy-based activities, whilst others struggle with processing and remembering information. SEN pupils often find learning to spell words, telling the time, and solving maths problems much harder than those without SEN needs.

To help children (and parents) learn through play, Orchard Toys offers a wide choice of educational games that offer children stress-free, fun opportunities to practice and develop their literacy and numeracy skills – they’re so much fun kids won’t even realise they’re learning! That’s why Orchard Toys is loved by children and parents – the games also get the thumbs up from teachers who have tested them too.

Supporting children with reading, writing, phonics and spelling (dyslexia)



Wiggly Words

A brain teasing word game, where children can practise their literacy and language skills, going over words they already know and learning to spell new ones. Have fun joining together the letter on a wiggly worm’s head with the letters on a wiggly worm’s tail – for example, b-ake, s-ell, gr-ow, br-ight.

Age 6yrs-adult




Alphabet Lotto

An Orchard Toys best-seller: with four ways to play it’s great for a wide range of abilities and ages. Children can learn the alphabet using pictures, letters and words, and it’s fantastic for memory, speech and language skills too.

Age 3-6yrs


Supporting children struggling with maths-based activities (dyscalculia)



Catch and Count

Great for practising number recognition and counting skills. The fish theme – with octopus spinner, fish playing boards, bubble, sea creature and shark cards – will keep children entertained, plus there’s lots of excitement around the anticipation of turning over cards.

Age 3yrs+




Times Tables Heroes

Features two super hero games in one – a hero city board game and a fast-paced multiplication bingo. It’s an imaginative, fun and exciting way for children to practise and learn their two to 12 times tables – and perfect for helping Year 4 children (and parents!) doing their Multiplication Tables Check.

Age 6-9yrs+


Supporting children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN)


Match & Spell

An Orchard Toys best-seller: a fun first reading and spelling activity, that teaches phonetic word building, and encourages children to sound out the letters of the words they make. Plus, there are two ways to play!

Age 4yrs+


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All these games, plus lots more games, puzzles and activity books are available at Orchard Toys.

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