I have been looking forward to Spring since the end of last summer. Not because I don’t like the autumn and winter months, in fact I much prefer them to the summer ones, but because I wanted to do some gardening with my charges. I know gardening with a kids must sound like a nightmare to some, especially a toddler, and I will admit it isn’t easy, but it is fun.

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To do gardening with kids you may need.

  • Kid friendly gardening equipment
  • A trough
  • Soil
  • Seeds

Gardening with kids

Gardening with EC and YC is easy, they understand the directions given when planting seeds. Doing it with BB just takes a lot more patience. For the older 2 we had herbs, flowers, and vegetables for them to plant. To make it easier for BB I got a big pack of wild flower seeds. To plant them you simply need to just sprinkle them over the soil. BB took as much as he possibly could and threw it everywhere.

Gardening with kids

The other reason I really wanted to do this, especially with BB, was to get him in the dirt. He isn’t overly fond of having dirty fingers when playing, so this is perfect. I saved a little trough just for him to dig through and then some pebbles for him to use as seeds.

So far it has bee a huge success. BB loves going out to have a dig around, water the plants, and also sweeping up the green house. Plus out of all the he troughs BB’s wild flowers are the best.

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Gardening with kids