gelatine streaking: Edible art

Blogger / 23 November, 2017 / Nanny Anita

Gelatine Streaking: Edible Art

I first came across gelatine streaking in a video posted to my friends Facebook page. It showed a gentleman making some sort of flower art inside of a gelatine block. It was pretty amazing and although there is no way I or my charges would be able to do something like that it did start me thinking.   First thing I had to sort out was the use of syringes. I didn’t really want to buy such a speciality item because I find that it can really limit the number of people who are willing to try out an activity. Once I had sorted that out we were ready to roll with our gelatine streaking edible art.

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You will need:

  • Plain gelatine
  • Tupperware container
  • Food colouring
  • Water
  • Small bowls
  • Pipette
  • Toothpick
  • Tray

Please remember that if you do decide to purchase industrial syringes for this activity, then proceed with caution. They may have blunt ends, but small children could still hurt themselves or others with them.

To begin with you will need to make up your gelatine. To do so follow the instructions on the packet. I used both powdered gelatine and leaf gelatine.  I found that the leaf gelatine was better as it turned out completely clear.  Whereas the powder had a slight yellow tinge to it.  Leave it to set in a Tupperware container. The first ones we did we made in a silicone base. Which made it really hard to remove it from. In fact we ended up with a big blob mess at the end.

Once the gelatine is set you can either remove it from its container or leave it in.

Make a couple of small bowls of water mixed with food colouring.

Now you are ready to start your gelatine streaking.

gelatine streaking

Use the toothpick to make holes in the jelly.  Please note we did actually use medicine syringes that come in boxes of liquid medicine like calpol.  A pipette works even better.

gelatine streaking

Next fill up your pipette with food colouring and squirt it into the hole that you have just made.

gelatine streaking

When your little ones have finished it is time to taste it! YC really wanted to try it for dessert. Trust me, it tastes of water, but it does make for some fun sensory play at the end of it.

gelatine streaking

If your little ones don’t want to eat it then can simple enjoy smushing it up and playing with their masterpiece.

If you enjoyed this Gelatine streaking edible art activity be sure to check out my rainbow cakes or bottled sand art.

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Gelatine streaking: Edible art.  It is an activity that is both art and sensory play.  Perfect for children of all ages.

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