This week, we interviewed the awe-inspiring Georgie Coleridge Cole from Georgie lives in South West London with her husband and their two young children, Coco and Otto, and their little dog Mouse. 

We’re big fans of Sheerluxe, and we adore the Daily Dozen. What inspired you to set up the company?

People always used to ask me where I found things so I thought I’d create a website recommending great shops and services. As I started my research I found that alongside ASOS, Amazon and Net (the originals) there were also a number of niche brands and designers selling online but nowhere to find out about them. It grew from there. Today our mission is to edit the well-known and find the unknown.

How long did it take for Sheerluxe to become the success it is today?

It took a LOT of hours, evenings (as well as days) and weekends. In 2006 just before we launched I worked Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.  The site launched in Feb 2007 after about 6 months planning but we didn’t even think about revenue until Autumn 2008 when we hired a Commercial Manager. Online takes a lot of time when you don’t launch with a huge budget but it has grown steadily but surely from the start!

What’s your favourite baby product?

Wow tough one! Can I list a few?? Aden & Anais muslins,  Babysense swaddles (they’re the best), Meli Melo changing mats (for when you don’t want to take your whole nappy bag), my Anya Oakley changing bag, Sue Hill cashmere…. I could go on….

We’re devoted readers of the Mummy Diaries – how do you find a balance in juggling your work and home life?

Since having children I’ve learnt to switch off and not take inessential work issues too seriously. I am constantly on email – stress free life is a clear inbox so I’m the quickest person I know to reply to an email – and I really rely on evenings when I’m not busy to catch up in peace when my children have gone to bed. I do try not to work at weekends anymore though unless I really have to. I have definitely done my fair share. My office is also just a few minutes walk from my house so I don’t waste any time on a commute.

Sheerluxe is comprised of so many different facets, which aspect of it do you enjoy most?

I enjoying writing and selecting product but I don’t tend to do those things much these days. We run annual online marketing conferences for retailers and I really enjoy them although they are a lot of work. And managing a great team of course.

What’s next in the pipeline for you / Sheerluxe in 2013?

We’re working on some really exciting improvements and additions to the site. And mobile!

Tell us a secret about London.

It never really changes. People go abroad and think they’ll miss out but when they return everything is just as it was. There might be a new place to hang out / eat/ shop and everyone might be a bit older but London will always be the same.

What would your ideal family day out entail?

Probably a long lunch with friends and my children on good form. I have a 22 month old and at the moment you never quite know what mood she will be in!

What’s your favourite family restaurant?

Got to be Wagas.

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?

I asked my husband and he said ‘Busy but loved’!