With film adaptations like The BFG, school dress-up days on World Book Day, and countless exciting stories brought home to read before bedtime, it’s easy to see why so many of our children adore English as a subject.

But what about maths?

It’s less common to find children rushing home to get stuck into maths questions, or setting aside 10 minutes to go through their maths workbooks when they get through the front door. It’s always been much harder to get children engaging with maths in the same way they engage with English – until technology.

Technology is making it much more accessible and fun for children to get on board with maths, and leading the way is DoodleMaths, the award-winning maths app made by parents and teachers for children between 4 and 16.

With maths anxiety on the rise, DoodleMaths know that building confidence through regular engagement with maths has never been more important, and having a good understanding of the subject leads to lots more options for your child as they grow up.

Here’s how DoodleMaths can get your child enjoying maths:

  • The app learns what your child is comfortable with, and what they find a struggle – then it builds them a work plan entirely unique to their needs
  • They are rewarded for effort over ability, instilling the valuable lesson that it’s not how clever you are that’s important, but how much effort you put in
  • Your child will constantly be both challenged and supported, creating an ideal learning environment for them to achieve and grow in confidence
  • They’ll have their very own pet or robot helping them every step of the way
  • The app motivates children by allowing them to earn DoodleStars and buy accessories for their pets and robots


It’s easy for your child to get started on DoodleMaths, with apps available for KS1, KS2 and KS3 on the App Store, Google Play, and Kindle Fire.

Head over to DoodleMaths website to download and try the app for free!

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