At each stage of pregnancy us mums-to-be are wrestling (it seems that way sometimes!) with different symptoms. Jamie and I met with naturopath and sleep expert, Dave Gibson to discuss the trimesters of pregnancy. Dave gives us both some great advice, from the foods to eat to help the feelings of morning sickness to relaxation techniques to help you sleep better in the first trimester and how to help restless legs to why you should look out for snoring and sleep apnoea in the third trimester. Some of the advice is eye opening and I’ve definitely been taking it on board!

Dave has been practising as a Naturopath and Osteopath for over 15 years and he is also a qualified hypnotherapist, providing naturopathic advice across a wide range of conditions to promote good sleep patterns and quality sleep. Dave is the resident sleep expert for Warren Evans bed makers, and is founder of

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