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Yes, the pun had to be made – after all, for some of us it is not the present hunting that’s the tricky part for Christmas. Wrapping gifts nicely can be just as challenging! Who hasn’t had that niggling realisation that your paper is just that little bit too short to reach all around.

It’s such a shame when you’ve dedicated a lot of time and energy to finding a great gift and then you have to do a rush job of hastily wrapping it. To help with limp bows and creased edges, here’s a handy little video from the stylish people at One Kings Lane on how to wrap perfectly. And if that’s too simple for you, listen to a former professional gift wrapper give you some clever tips.

We all know that handmade gifts are truly special, but with all the flurry of activity in December it’s hard to find the time. So if you can’t make a present for your kids, at least you can wrap your gifts in beautiful handcrafted wrapping papers! And where better to find artisan papers and accessories than on Etsy, the online Mecca for independent brands and products. Below we’ve compiled some of the best wrapping papers you’ll find on Etsy to go with our post on how to wrap with style.

1) Hand collaged design of Christmas trees 50cm w x 70cm h. Hand printed in two colours. First layer printed with green ink, second layer white. On recycled Kraft paper.

2) This winter-themed gift wrap is intricately decorated with repeating patterns, geometric shapes and winter birds, in shades of light green, jade, gold, silver and orange. The orange robin sits on a branch which reads the message “Happy Christmas”. Each large sheet measures 70 x 50 cm.

3) This kraft wrapping paper features festive red Cardinals and black and white Chickadees on pine branches. It’s a perfect all occasion winter gift wrap, but also makes a wonderful holiday wrapping paper. 1 roll 2 feet wide x 10 feet long.

4) This Family of Trees Wrapping Paper is perfect for any gift or recipient, but especially sweet for Christmas wrapping. The paper measures 20″x30″ and wraps a 7″x7″x6″ box perfectly, or two or three smaller packages. 

5) Vintage Cowboy Christmas Wrapping Paper. Perfect for that down home country guy or gal. 40×26 inches..will come folded in envelope. Merry Christmas!

6) DAVID BOWIE holiday christmas wrapping paper 5 sheets measuring 13″ x 19″. The only problem is, the paper might be better than the gift inside!

To go with the paper some beautiful handmade tags

By Victoria Krumrei

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