This is an oldie, but a goodie. A couple of years ago we were very excited to interview the beautiful Giovanna Fletcher, and can’t wait to catch up with her soon. Giovanna lives in northwest London with her husband, McFly’s Tom Fletcher, and two cats Leia and Aurora. Giovanna has just released news of her new book Happy Mum Happy Baby. Check out the vid! 

Your baby is due in March this year, are you ready for your little arrival?

We’re slowly getting there. The nursery has just been painted, the carpet is being fitted next week and the furniture is being delivered the following week – then the exciting bit of getting everything washed and into wardrobes can start. I can’t wait to organise it all.

You husband Tom is set to go on the McBusted tour in mid April, how will you cope with him gone so early after the birth? Will you be joining him on tour?

One thing I’ve learnt with Tom’s job is that there’s no point stressing over anything, as it’s all a lot easier than it might look on paper. Tom will be coming home as much as possible and me and the baby will travel to spend time with him too. It’s a UK tour, so it’s not like there’s lots of flying involved or jetlag to contend with. I know the three of us will be together as much as we can be.

We love your blog Gi’s World. Tell us what inspires you, and what you’re blogging about this week.

Positive things inspire me – which is why I have no negative thoughts about how I’ll cope after the birth. Ha! Gi’s World is mainly a collection of things that have made me smile, random pictures of my cats and cake… The new blog I’ve started on HELLO! Online is more about the thoughts in my head each week and what I’ve been up to. I touch on a lot of bump news and feel really privileged to have so many people reading it every Monday. One thing I’ve realised is that the mummy community love giving advice. They’re very vocal about things that have and haven’t worked for them – it’s wonderful!

You first met Tom when you were just 13 years old. How has your relationship changed over the years, and it is hard being married to a pop star?

We’ve grown up together so I guess it has changed a lot – but the root of our relationship is fun and laughter. Not a day goes by where he doesn’t make me crack up in hysterics – and I think he finds me fairly funny too. No relationship should be hard work, regardless of someone’s job. We’re a team, and I think that’s why we work.

You announced your pregnancy via the carving of pumpkins, what made you come up with this idea?

Tom gets full credit for this. I was away in Dubai on holiday while Tom was at home working. He kept calling me with funny ideas to announce our news… we wanted to do something more special than sending out a tweet or press release. It was all Tom’s idea – he wrote the song we sang for it and everything – I just offered up my carving skills. He’s so creative it’s ridiculous.

What’s in the pipeline for you career wise?

More books! I’ve been having meetings with Penguin about what’s to come and we’ve been getting positively giddy about the future. Before all of that – book two is being published on May 22nd. The title hasn’t officially been confirmed yet, but it’s all finished and ready to go to the printers. After getting such positive feedback for Billy and Me, I’m looking forward to seeing what readers make of these new characters and storyline.

Tell us a bit about your pregnancy so far – have there been any changes to your body that have shocked or surprised you, or has it been plain sailing so far?

I had no morning sickness! That’s the thing that has surprised me the most. I expected to have my head down the loo all day long – but I’ve thankfully had nothing to moan about. I was super tired at one point and had to have mammoth afternoon naps, but I don’t think naps are something to moan about. So far, so good.

What’s your favourite maternity brand for clothes, and do you have a staple look to flatter the bump?

Ahh… this is a tough one as I have quite a few. My top three would be New Look (totally accessible and doesn’t cost the earth), Isabella Oliver (the material is super stretchy and supportive) and Seraphine (currently loving their popper tops which can be used when breastfeeding later on). I’d say my ‘go to’ look at the moment is a longer tight top, leggings and chunky boots.

Do you have any names in place yet for the new arrival?

We have two names for each sex… but we’re quite indecisive at the best of times (choosing what to have for dinner can take us hours). We could end up going for something that’s not even on our list! We won’t know until we meet our little Crumb.

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence? 

Positively looking on the bright side of life, collecting hugs, smiles, and jars of Nutella whenever possible.

Giovanna Fletcher

Giovanna Fletcher

Giovanna Fletcher's Billy and Me

Giovanna Fletcher’s Billy and Me