I first began making Go Nuts! because my husband was addicted to Mars bars after a meal and, being a naturopath, master herbalist, health and food expert, and having written a book called Eat Yourself Young, I felt if I could not get a grip in my own household, then I might as well give up. So I set about making the perfect sweet snack that was wholesome, nutritious and had the same satisfying taste as a Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut bar.

After many attempts, I finally found the perfect mix and my husband quickly transferred his addiction to these healthy nutritious balls that I called Go Nuts! At the same time I was being asked by my patients what snacks they could eat in the middle of the day that would not disturb blood sugar levels, were high in protein, did something beneficial for health, and would not make them feel guilty if they ate them. I thought I’d try these little balls out on them as well. The verdict: they loved them. But the even more interesting thing was when they took the sweet treats home, their children loved them too! I started getting large orders from parents who wanted to freeze them and then bring them out as needed for school and parties and other entertainments… Somehow, Go Nuts! had become the go-to snack after school, after sport, after a meal or even for long journeys in the car.

Surprisingly, the children all seem to have quite sophisticated tastes. I thought they would all go for the chocolate but they wanted vanilla and cinnamon and coconut as well … Unless a child is nut allergic, these really are a perfect snack for them.

Go Nuts! are not heated or treated. They contain only the finest ingredients and are made slowly so that oils don’t heat up. This ensures they are highly nutritious when you eat them, feeding the brain and nervous system and giving you energy and vitality. Each Go Nuts! treat offers a balanced blend of protein, carbohydrate and fat and so is easily absorbed by the body.

There are four flavours, and each is therapeutic. Cinnamon is blood balancing, vanilla is uplifting, chocolate is full of antioxidants, and coconut is high energy. Let me know which one you or your children enjoy best.

Go Nuts! can now be bought at Daylesford shops, Birleys sandwich bars, Lomax gym, Grace Belgravia Club, Weetons Food Hall in Harrogate, and online