While I was in Hobbycraft stocking up on Easter craft supplies I came across a craft pack for gold foil Easter eggs. As they looked rather intriguing I thought that it would be quite fun to have a go. Of course you don’t need to buy a pack to do this, you can easily get the supplies separately from Amazon instead. The Hobbycraft pack was useful in that it contained egg dye as well.

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You will need:

  • Eggs*
  • Gold Foil eggs craft pack from Hobbycraft
  • Vinegar
  • Water


* We used ceramic eggs that I got in Hobbycraft but any type of egg will do.

Before you start make sure you completely cover your work surfaces, this will get very messy. Plus the dye in the pack will stain everything.

If you are using the craft pack then simply follow the instructions that they provide.

If you don’t have the craft pack then here are some simple instructions that should work just as well.

gold foil Easter eggs

To make the dye baths for the eggs add some food dye into 1tsp of vinegar and mix well. Then add 1 cup of hot water to it. Leave your eggs to soak for a minute of so. Remember the longer you leave them in the bath, the more intense the colour will be.

Take them out and leave them to dry. I always stand them up to let any excess water run off, then I pat the bottom dry to stop it from leaving water marks.

gold foil Easter eggs

Next cover the egg in Pritt stick.

Carefully take a sheet of gold foil and cover the egg with it. The foil should stick to the glue.

Rub any excess foil off the egg to leave with you some beautiful looking gold foil Easter eggs.

YC and EC loved doing this. They over used the gold foil a bit so we ended up running out as the craft pack only had 6 sheets in it. It does come with lots and lots of dye though, which means that next year we can have a go again.

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Make some beautiful Gold foil Easter eggs that are sure to be the envy of everyone. Children's craft.