I’ve found my favourite online shop for new bits and pieces for girls. I know my baby is yet to be born, but I haven’t been able to resist checking out the cutest of baby clothes for the summer months. I’m not sure if you know, but Dutch brand HEMA has THE CUTEST collection of kids’ clothes at really affordable prices. They also do some great options when it comes to sleeping bags, shoes, hats and below is a collection of HEMA baby girls’ clothes on my wish-list.

Newborn Girls Trousers

Baby Dungarees

Baby Girls T-Shirt

Newborn Baby Set

Baby Girls Denim Dress

Baby Sleeping Bag

Baby Bodysuit

Baby Girls Sandals

Baby Girls Denim Shorts

Newborn Jumpsuit

Baby Girls Dress

2 Pack Baby T-Shirts

Newborn Jumpsuit

Baby Girls Dress

Baby Girls Swimsuit

Baby Cap

Baby Girls Shoes


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