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The Wonder Of Sleep: The Right Products And Support For New Parents

How many hours as a new parent have you spent thinking and talking about sleep? It’s probably quite daunting to add up! Sleep is undoubtedly a hot topic among us all. Everything from lack of sleep to co-sleeping, where baby should sleep, what they should wear, napping and more. There’s no silver bullet, wrong or right answer, every baby and family is different, but what unites us all is knowing that we’re not alone. So, to support parents Graco has launched its dedicated online centre Your Journey to Sleep.

Your Journey to Sleep

A brand new section on its popular The Graco Village microsite, Your Journey to Sleep is packed with information, personal experiences and research insights to support parents with all things sleep. The wonderful Emily McInnes, paediatric nurse and sleep coach has shared bespoke content for parents. Emily has covered routines, room temperature, swaddling and more and tackles the question on every parent’s mind of when a child should be able to sleep through the night (and the pressures to reach this milestone). Graco is proud to extend its support to the charity PANDAs and collaborate with Sweet Dreamers on the site.

Put simply, Your Journey to Sleep has been created by parents and experts to provide a safe and supportive community for all parents. To support the launch, Graco has created its first co-sleeping solution.

Introducing the Sweet2Sleep

 The Sweet2Sleep is Graco’s first bedside crib with a drop down side that provides the perfect co-sleeping solution to make night times with baby easier.

As the NHS relaxes its guidelines on co-sleeping, Graco has found that 60% of mums are worried by the idea of co-sleeping and 86% agree the idea of a bedside crib with a dropdown side is a good alternative.

Sweet2Sleep provides a safe co-sleeping solution at a fantastic price. The crib is packed with features to keep baby safe and in reach for feeds and cuddles all night. The mesh sides keep baby well-ventilated and easily visible, while the side can be lowered quickly with just one hand to bring baby in closer.

The Sweet2Sleep is available now, RRP £120 and is available in stylish neutral Oatmeal.

Take a visit to The Graco Village

For support, expert advice, community and more, head over to The Graco Village and Your Journey to Sleep today.

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