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How To Make A Grogu Bobble Head

I made some Dragon bobble heads for Chinese New Year back in February, but when I was practicing making it I happened to use brown and light green paper.  It suddenly dawned on me that these were the colours of Yoda/Grogu.  And that actually these Grogu bobble heads would make a great craft for May 4th.  Now for all of you non-Star Wars fans, May 4th sounds like “may the force”, so that date has now become an unofficial Star Wars holiday.

Make sure you follow my origami board on Pinterest for more ideas.  Don’t forget to save the pin for later.

To make your own Grogu Bobble Heads you will need:

  • 2 pieces of origami paper, one needs to be bigger than the other*
  • Pencil/pens
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Scrap paper

*My pieces were 10cmx10cm and 15cmx15cm

On your scrap paper cut out two strips that are the same size, also cut the ears that you will need.  Put them to the side for the moment.

Next take one of your pieces of origami paper and fold it into a box.

origami grogu bobble head

1-3 Fold the piece of paper in half, then half again.  Unfold it.

4-5 Fold each corner to the centre point.

  1. Fold it into 3rds vertically and unfold.
  2. Fold it into 3rds horizontally and unfold.
  3. Unfold the top and bottom corners.

9-10. Holding the middle, fold up front and the two sides.  Fold the “lid” over the to create the side.

  1. Repeated the last two steps on the other side.

When you have finished your first box, make a second box using the other piece of origami paper.

On the bigger box draw Grogu’s face and stick on the ears that you have already cut out.

Then take those 2 strips of paper and make a paper spring, I’m fairly sure most people would have made one of these, it seems to be a universal thing that kids made.  To make them overlap the ends of the paper at right angles.  Then fold the bottom piece over the top one.  Continue doing this until you have reached the ends, glue the ends in place to secure.

Glue one end of the paper spring to the top of the smaller box.

Finally put the Grogu’s head on top of the paper spring.

They are pretty cute if you ask me.  If you enjoyed making these Grogu bobble heads, be sure to check out my reverse colour transfers and origami ninja stars.

Pin for later:

How to make a Grogu bobble head to celebrate May 4th.

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