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CYBEX Pallas G i-Size Car Seat: World’s First Group 1/2/3 i-Size Shield Seat

Cybex has got to be one of the busiest brands on the planet this past year, with the launch of yet another game-changing product. This time, our attention turns to a new addition to the Cybex Gold range, the Cybex Pallas G i-Size, the world’s first group 1/2/3 i-Size shield seat designed to provide over ten years of safety.

Introducing the Cybex Pallas G i-Size

Parents have trusted Cybex Pallas car seats for years now, and the Pallas G i-Size marks the next generation of this award-winning series.

The Pallas G i-Size represents years of successful innovation and builds upon an almighty track record of impact shield tech. We were excited to take a closer look.

Improved technology

Tested to the UN R129/03 latest standard, the Pallas G i-SIZE is packed full of safety and functionality.

With improved technology, ease of use and longevity, this is an excellent choice of car seat for parents or caregivers looking to futureproof.

The i-Size seat that grows with your child

The Cybex Pallas G i-Size is a 2-in-1 car seat that grows with your child from toddler to pre-teen with ease. It’s a seat that promises to provide optimum support, superior protection and comfort at each stage of their development.

From 15 months (minimum of 76cm) to 21 kg

The seat’s integrated impact shield is designed for use from toddler to 21 kg. It fastens over your child’s lap/front for a secure and safe ride. Impact shields have been proven to help reduce the risk of neck injuries by 40% in the event of a frontal collision, compared to a traditional harness system. Pretty impressive, huh? We think so.

In a head-on collision, the seat is engineered to roll the child forward over the impact shield. It acts in a similar way to an airbag, with impact force distributed across its large surface area.

21kg to 12 years or 150cm

The impact shield is removed and the car seat is secured by the vehicle’s seat belt until your child is approximately 12 years of age.



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Forward-facing safety

Luke Burns, UK & Ireland GM at CYBEX, says: “The R&D team has been working extremely hard this year to create the Pallas G i-SIZE – a car seat that we believe will enhance child safety even further.

“Sometimes there are reasons that require toddlers to be switched to a forward-facing car seat before being in a group 2/3 seat. In these cases, the Pallas G i-SIZE is the ideal solution as it offers freedom of choice with high safety features thanks to the adjustable impact shield – a reliable and safe alternative that offers a high degree of protection without confining the child.”

Impact shield safety

The seat’s integrated adjustable impact shield is easy to use, so you can secure your child safely into their seat in a matter of seconds. Its adjustable harness offers excellent comfort, and for parents, its buckle system means no more leaning or struggling with seatbelts. (Hooray! We hear your cry.)

Did you know? Evidence suggests that impact shields have a significantly lower error rate than a standard harness system

Superior integrated side-impact protection

The Pallas G benefits from Linear Side-impact Protection System Plus for increased safety in the event of a side-impact collision. L.S.P. System Plus reduces the impact forces of a side-impact collision by more than 20% when compared to the same car seat without an L.S.P. System.

Adjustable seat for ultimate comfort

It’s inevitable that your child will want to sleep on the go, and head tipping at any age is uncomfortable and can compromise safety. The Pallas G i-Size patented 3-position Reclining Headrest is designed to help prevent your child’s head from tipping forward while sleeping.

This clever technology positions your child’s head in the safety zone of the car seat for optimum safety. This is especially important in the event of a side-impact.

There’s also a one-hand seat recline which makes it easy for parents to recline the seat to a comfortable sleeping position for a drama-free road trip.


The Air Ventilation System promotes cooling airflow through the car seat to keep your child cool and comfortable, even on the hottest days of the year.

ISOFIX: Easy and safe installation

The Cybex Pallas G i-Size uses ISOFIX and Top Tether technology to ensure the car seat can be installed securely with ease. Visual indicators will let you know you’ve installed the seat correctly, so you’re ready to roll.

Shop CYBEX Pallas G i-Size now

The Pallas G i-SIZE is available in eight colours. RRP £264.95. For more information, visit


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