One of my earliest memories as a child was growing my very own sunflower. We planted it and watched it grow and pretty soon it was taller than me. I’ve got the sweetest picture of me standing beside it, arms thrown up, proud as punch that I had managed to grow such a thing.

A couple of months ago I planted up a few pots with my children and named each one. It’s as simple as a pot, a small amount of earth and a packet of seeds.

We kept them in our green house, but you can also keep them inside, and watch them quickly grow from little green shoots to bigger shoots with leaves, and this weekend the time had come to plant them outside.

We planted them close to a wall, digging little holes as deep as the roots, plopping them in, covering the earth back and then a good drink of water. It couldn’t have been easier and I can’t wait to watch them grow. When the children get home it’s the first thing to look at.