Julie Price invited me to a discussion of gynaecological cancers last night, hosted by the amazing charity Wellbeing of Women and my eyes really were opened. With a panel of experts including Professor Sean Kehoe, Doctor Emma Crosby, Mr Alan Farthing, Professor Richard Edmundson, and Professor John Shepherd.

Hearing these experts discuss everything from womb cancer to ovarian and cervical, it really did stun me. And a message that really hit home was that “research” is only limited by funding – not by ideas, enthusiasm, or expertise. There are so many academics trying to get on the run and so many ideas, yet too little money to fund them. I heard that clinical trials are only carried out in 10% of cases, due to various reasons, including unsuitable trials, and little resources.

I was shocked to hear how womb cancer is on the up, and there’s lots to prevent these terrible cancers, yet we rarely hear about them. One of the most important topics they discussed was preserving fertility, some of the operations being undertaken are truly mind blowing.

It was an honour to listen to these top minds discuss their worries and their achievements.