Top Tips On How To Trim Hair & Look After Lockdown Locks

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Top Tips On How To Trim Hair & Look After Lockdown Locks

With salons still firmly closed until at least the 4th July, they’ll be very few people escaping the woes of lockdown hair, especially parents busy juggling work-life, homelife and homeschooling.

Our first advice is obviously this: don’t be a victim of the lockdown haircut and put the scissors down! It hopefully won’t be long before you are reunited with your hairdresser. Instead of spending time watching YouTube videos on how to cut your own hair (we’ve been there), take that time to research hairstyles that complement your new overgrown fringe or not-so-shoulder-length bob, and invest in some hair heroes to get the most out of lacklustre locks.

How to cut your hair at home

We know many of you will ignore our sage advice, so if yours or the kids’ hair really can’t wait, follow these important tips before you begin:

  1. Make sure you wash or dampen hair first (if it’s too wet you’ll cut more off than you expect to!).
  2. We can’t emphasise enough how important it is to have the right equipment. Invest in a pair of small professional scissors. The blunt and dull edges of kitchen scissors will create split ends and you’ll find it impossible to achieve a sharp and smooth cut.
  3. The smaller the scissors, the less likely you are to make huge mistakes.
  4. Arrange your parting and have your hair sitting in the correct position, now you’re ready to get snipping.
  5. Remember: the golden rule of thumb is to always chop off less than you think you need to. Lockdown is not going to last forever so only take off what is necessary. Begin with small cuts to get an idea of how the scissors move and to avoid any drastic mistakes.
  6. Be conscious of the direction you are cutting the hair in to make sure it is even. A great tip for checking hair length is to pull hair straight up with your fingers.
  7. Try vertically snipping your hair to avoid the ‘cut’ line look.
  8. When it comes to fringes, trim them, please do not take this opportunity to start creating them.
  9. If you’re trimming longer hair, plait your hair to one side over your shoulder, tie a hairband one inch up from the ends so you can see all the ends in one bunch. Hold the hairband and make small vertical snips. Once all of the longest pieces have been trimmed, undo the plait and repeat on the other side.
  10. Once the cut is finished, don’t forget to inspect the hair all the way around the head to check for any rogue strands or layers that need to be evened out.

How to survive a DIY haircut

Massaging the scalp encourages the hair follicles to stretch and therefore grow, allowing your luscious locks to return to a decent length in no time. Encourage hair to grow by giving yourself a scalp massage in the shower, or enlist your child to play ‘hairdresser’ with you and you are good to go!

Don’t forget to follow up and apply natural oils such as castor oil or argan oil to the lengths of your hair. These types of oils naturally hydrate the hair to keep it looking and feeling healthy. Natural oils can also be applied to the body, making it a great moisturiser. Why not make it part of your night-time routine to give you a bit of you-time before bed?

Embrace the mum bun

If all else fails get creative with accessories and head scarfs, or go right ahead and embrace the ‘mum bun’. A mum bun doesn’t have to be a hot mess, why not take a bit of extra time to ensure it looks polished? Add a pretty scrunchie or pearl hair clips to take the look a step further. A braided bun could also be a great go-to hairstyle as it looks chic yet keeps your hair out of your face, ready to take on another day with the kids.


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Something for every hair type

Whether your hair is lacking moisture, has too much moisture or is just a bit “in-between” – choosing the right products to look after your locks during lockdown and beyond doesn’t have to be a chore.

Just because we’re at home, it doesn’t mean our hair should be neglected. Now is the time to experiment and trial new haircare! Why not start with a miracle mask or a nourishing oil to give your hair some much-needed attention?

Natural yet effective

Think that a natural shampoo won’t leave your hair feeling clean or that a natural conditioner won’t give you that salon-looking shine? Think again! This hair care range is free from parabens, silicones and sulphates, which often weigh the hair down and make the hair look good temporarily. Naturally active ingredients work harder, leaving you with strong, shiny and healthy hair, which in turn, will let you be a bit more creative with your hairstyle.

All-round haircare heroes

When it comes to natural haircare, we’re super impressed with the René Furterer range. It’s packed with haircare heroes including not just the essential natural shampoo and conditioners, but styling creams and sprays to hold locks in place without weighing them down. The range also includes products to encourage regrowth, soothe sensitive scalps and silver shampoo to tone down the brassiness that comes with dyeing your hair blonde!

Whether you were looking for a product to help give your hair the TLC that it deserves or if you were looking for a few hair pick-me-ups or tips on how to home hair cut, we hope we’ve given you a few tips to help you along the way.


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