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Activities & Days Out / 26 October, 2018 / Nanny Anita

Halloween Craft Special: 3D Spider Webs

I have seen these done Halloween 3D spider balls before and thought how cool these looked.  Of course I had to get my charges to try them out. They are quite tricky to make for really little ones (my youngest charge, at 3, didn’t understand that she had to wind it around, but my eldest charge at almost 5 was fine).  That shouldn’t put you off trying to make these with them; they may end up being a really unique piece of art. This is also incredibly messy.  But didn’t secretly cover their hands in PVA glue at school and then peel it off! So not only do you get to create a cool looking Halloween decoration that will make everyone jealous, but you get to re-live old childhood memories.

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To Make Your Own Halloween 3D Spider Balls You Will Need:

  • White wool or string (the thinner the better)
  • Balloons
  • Water and PVA mix ( you only need a small amount of water)

Blow up your balloon and tie it off.  We used water balloons as they are small and make a nice sphere. I suggest hanging them from some wool over a sink so the mess can be somewhat contained.

Cut a long length of wool, I tried cutting up lots of wool and sticking it to the balloon to see which worked better, and I can say cutting one long length works best.

Halloween 3D spider webs

Put all the wool into your glue mix (making sure you keep hold of one of the ends).

Halloween 3D spider balls

Then start to wind it around the balloon (taking off any excess glue while you do it). I wrapped it around the knot on the balloon a few times to secure it. As you wind, make sure that you go in the same direction and that you try to make the holes as small as possible, this will help give the final ball added strength.

Halloween 3D spider balls

Leave it to dry over night.

Halloween 3d spider balls

When dry, carefully make a small cut in the balloon and let the air out slowly. If you let the balloon down too quickly it will cause the whole thing to collapse as the wool wont have time to “let go” of the balloon.


A nice surprise to add is putting a small sweet inside the ball (another reason for having small wholes). You can either put the sweet into the balloon before you blow it up, or you can add it afterwards.

Pin for later:

Halloween 3D spider webs: Halloween craft


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