halloween memory game

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Halloween Memory Game

A few weeks ago EC and YC had a Dyslexia assessment and one thing that came up on the report was they both had problems with recall. EC more so than YC. One thing that he said would help would be to play memory games. I love memory games so I put together this Halloween memory game for us all to play. I am pretty sure everyone has done this game at some point in time it, was a big party game when I was little. When I worked for DCL I also used to play it with the children as part of a detective show.

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You will need:

  • 10-15 Halloween related items*
  • A tray
  • Tea towel

* I used things like a pumpkin carver, toys, Halloween decorations etc.

There are a number of different ways to play this game.

Halloween Memory Game 1

Put all the Halloween items of to the tray.

Halloween memory game

Decide who is going first and let them look over the tray for a designated period of time.  To make it harder you can shorten the time.

Cover the tray with the towel and remove 1 or more items.  EC would not only take a couple of items but also move the remaining pieces on the tray.

The person then has to figure out what is missing from the tray.

Halloween Memory Game 2

This time instead of taking a few items away, cover the tray and get them to recall ALL the items that they can.

halloween memory game

I played this with YC, EC, and Leonora between BB’s bedtime and their story time. We all had such a laugh playing together. EC had a really good idea about touching each object, naming it, and then saying what it was next to. However, when he came to figure out what I had taken he couldn’t do it. We kept trying with fewer and fewer starting items. Thankfully he took all of this is in good humour. But it just goes to show that his assessment was spot on. YC was very good at the game and begged for us to carry on playing. In fact they both have asked if we could play it every day since then.

If you liked this Halloween memory game activity then be sure to checkout the round up of all my Halloween activities and crafts.

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halloween memory game: a classic memory game to play at home or at a halloween party.

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