We’ve done shadow puppets before, we did them for St George’s day a few years ago. Well at a club that YC goes to that I help out at we were doing shadow puppets. Afterwards she came up to me and said “let’s do that at home!”  Well, I’m not one to stop their creative ideas, so at home I made a big bunch of Halloween shadow puppets. I even made some Nightmare Before Christmas ones, well it would have been rude not to.

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To make your own Halloween shadow puppets you will need:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Bamboo kebab stick
  • Tape
  • White sheet
  • Lamp

To make the Halloween shadow puppets you could either draw the outlines you want (remember no need to add details to the pictures). Or you could do what I did, which is find some images on google and print them out.

What ever way you decide to do it, once you have cut them out tape to a kebab stick.

To set up the stage area you will need to have a big white sheet. We used a spare bed sheet and put it up between two cupboard doors. You’ll need a lamp behind the sheet.

Halloween shadow puppet

When it comes to doing your Halloween shadow puppet show you will need to sit behind the sheet and position yourself so that you aren’t sitting in the light.  You may need to experiment with how far from the light you hold your puppet. Generally, the further from the light will produce the shaper shadows.

Halloween shadow puppet

YC and I had a little rehearsal on our show, then we performed it for the whole family.  We couldn’t help but giggle our way through it.

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Have a spook-tacular Halloween with this Halloween shadow puppet activity.