As a child I loved using Hama beads. My mum and I were talking about this just before Christmas, and then she surprised me with a huge tub of Hama beads as a present. Now that I have about 26,000 + beads (yes, you did read that right) I thought I should probably start to use them. What better way to start my Easter crafts than with Hama bead Easter eggs.

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To make these Hama bead Easter eggs you will need:

  • Hama beads
  • Square or hexagon base
  • Parchment paper
  • An iron

I think it would be too difficult to try and explain the basic pattern. Instead I have included that outlines for the eggs for both a square and hexagon base.

Once you have your completed Hama bead Easter eggs, cover them with a sheet of parchment paper and iron them on a low heat. Once one side has fused together, I take them off the base, flip it over, then iron the other side. This makes it slightly less likely to break.

With your finished eggs you could use them to create an Easter garland or hang them from an Easter tree. Or your little ones could give them out as a little gifts if you would prefer a non-chocolate present.

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Hama bead Easter eggs