What toddler doesn’t like hammering things? My mum loves to tell the story of how I took my toy hammer to her beautiful ornate rosewood chest, and then points out all the dents I made. BB also loves to hammer things, which is why I made him a hammering golf tees activity.

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To make your own hammering golf tees activity you will need:

I’m not quite sure where my wooden hammer came from, I just remember my mum asking me about 4 years ago if I wanted it. Naturally I said yes. It has been sitting in my junk pile box waiting for this moment. See, this is why it’s good to save random things.

We used both oasis and Styrofoam for this activity, both work just as well as each other. The oasis tends to leave a fine powder around, but otherwise it works perfectly.

hammering golf tees

All I did for this hammering golf tees activity was set it out on the table in the playroom and wait for BB to spot it. He loved hammering everything it, until he realised he could just use his fingers to push them in. But hey, that works too. He spent most of his time hammering them in and then pretending they were candles on a cake. It was very sweet, he kept running up to me and singing happy birthday to me.

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Hammering gold tees activity for toddlers to help develop fine and gross motor skills