What’s your New Year’s resolution? We asked a few of our celebrities what theirs would be for 2015. Wishing you all a very happy New Year. Thank you for following My Baba. 

Carol Smillie

‘My resolution is to not have any! I know I’ll never stick to them and if they really need doing, I shouldn’t have to wait till Jan 1st to do it!’


Pippa Vosper

‘My New Year resolution is to call friends and family more, rather than texting or emailing them.’

Kate Bliss

‘My new year’s resolution is to start the day with an early dog walk! We have recently acquired a black labrador puppy, Bramble, who is very sweet but likes to chew pretty much everything.  If she starts the day with a good hike, I find the chewing and hurling herself at you, is mildly reduced for the rest of the day….I am trying to  off set the horrible thought of getting up half an hour earlier (especially in the dark)   with the hope of  increased fitness (the dog and me) and a great head clearing time before the day properly begins.’

Matt Bardock

‘I think my news year resolution is to consider things more. To be far less impulsive.’

Sarah Beeny

‘Try to focus on one thing for longer and therefore do it better. Also receive and send less emails!’

Alex Hollywood

‘I’m going to do my best to NOT eat more than 1 custard cream a day!’

‘I’m going to make sure that no matter how busy we are, we remember how important family time is and make it happen – no excuses!’

Celia Sawyer

Celia has said to us that she uses every day as a chance to take on something new and tackle a new project, and so doesn’t need New Year to make a change or better herself!

Nancy Balter

‘My New Year’s resolution is to exercise more in 2015. Since I really do not exercise at all right now, that would seem to be a relatively easy resolution to follow through with. Unfortunately, I tend to submit the usual excuses about work and family obligations. As I don’t anticipate those obligations changing in 2015, I need to find a way to squeeze in the exercise! I will gladly accept advice for ways to do that.’

Linda Robson

‘My New Years resolution is to spend more time with my hubby Mark my kids and sister. Had the busiest year ever’

Christine Bullock

1. I would like to be more respectful of my environment, using only reusable bags and glass containers for storage, planting a bigger garden, and working with local farms and water clean-up organizations.
2. I always aim to be adventurous, visiting new parts of the world and learning from different cultures.
3. I hope to launch my complete fitness and nutritional book.
4. I want to spend more quality time with my husband, parents, family and friends.
5. I hope to have a more personal relationship with fans, keeping in better contact with them and their progress!
6. Be present and peaceful even through crazy work schedules and activity.

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Shaun Dooley

In Family life: to stop pestering my wife for another child.

In work: to be braver & bolder.