Last year we made golden snitch Christmas tree decorations. This year we have been making Harry Potter flying key decorations. Any Harry Potter inspired craft or activity is going to go down will with EC or YC.

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To make Harry Potter flying key decorations you will need:

  • Keys
  • Masking tape
  • Wire
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • White paint
  • Thread

Start by cutting the wire for the wings. You will want it a little bit longer than you need so that you can attach the wings to the key.

Add masking tape to the wire. We added two strips per wing. To stop the tape sticking to things cover the sticky side with more tape. Again leave a gap in the middle so that there is space to attach it to the key. Cut the tape into a wing shape.

We painted both sides of the wing with white paint and left it to dry for a few minutes. While it dried we made other sets of wings.

To attach the wings place the key in the centre of the wire and twist it around.

Finally add some thread.

YC and EC loved making their keys and made a whole variety of different shaped wing ones. EC especially had fun adding little details to his wings so that they looked like they had been caught by Harry Potter.

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Harry Potter Flying Key Decorations