harry potter inspired wooden wind chime

Activities & Days Out / 5 September, 2017 / Nanny Anita

Harry Potter Inspired Wooden Wind Chime

Our last craft of the summer holidays is this wooden wind chime. It isn’t just your average wooden wind chime, oh no, it is actually a Harry Potter wand wind chime! Now that is a mouth full. Or if you ask EC is it isn’t a wind chime at all, but in fact the harp that put Fluffy to sleep like the one in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This was very creative and I was rather impressed. Well what ever it is, it has been our last craft of this summer. This week they head back to school, which I am sad about. However I am looking forward to normality again.

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If you have any little ones who are Harry Potter fans then check out our potions class and these dragon’s eggs.

You will need:

  • Sticks or various lengths and thickness
  • Paint (optional)
  • Paintbrush
  • Rope/string

YC, BB and I went for a lovely bike ride/walk to collect some sticks (or wands) from the local woods.

BB exploring the grass.

Obviously BB didn’t really help us collect the sticks, but he did try to collect bits of grass for us. It is always hard to get YC to stop; we always need just one more stick!

Just one more stick.

Armed with a buggy full of sticks we headed home and laid them out to dry over night.

Hermione Granger painting her wand.

Next day we were playing a Harry Potter inspired game; YC was Hermione, EC was Harry, BB was Ron (who had been turned into a baby by the twins), and I was Ollivander. I was conducting a lesson in how to create a wand by using certain paints.

Once all the sticks had been painted we left them to dry for a bit.

The tricky part of this all was how we were going to attach the “wands” to the main stick. Thankfully I remembered my Beaver training what knots we had been learning last term.

My clove hitch.

I used the clove hitch to attach the twine to the main stick and also to the “wand”.

Then to create the big loop with which to hand it I used a bowline knot. I am pretty sure that a bog standard granny knot will work just as well, but I was being a little bit fancy.

YC doing her clove hitch.

YC also tried her hand at tying some knots and did a really great job at it.

To make sure that the twine stayed in place I did dap a little bit of glue onto the knots to help them stayed tied up.

The final thing to do was to find the perfect place to hang the wooden wind chime.

Pin for later:

Harry Potter Inspire wooden wind chime. A perfect craft for any Harry Potter fan.

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