Our Harry Potter Christmas decoration for this year is a nice simple one.  It is a Harry Potter jumper Christmas decoration.  Like the one that Mrs Weasley always knits for everyone.  I wanted to make them last year, but the dragon egg ones took the spot.

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To make your own Harry Potter jumper Christmas decorations you will need:

Harry Potter Jumper Christmas decorations

  • Felt
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Glitter glue pen
  • Thread and needle
  • Glue (optional)

For these sorts of crafts I always like to have a stencil to draw around, it makes it slightly easier to get the right shape and means you lose less material.  I drew a jumper shape onto a piece of paper and cut it, then used that as the template.

Draw around your template onto your felt and then cut it out.

Harry Potter Jumper Christmas Decorations

Depending on the age of your little (or not so little one), you can either cut out a letter from another piece of felt and glue it onto the jumper.  Or, you could use a glitter glue pen and they can write the letter onto the jumper.  If you do cut out a letter and stick it on then I highly recommend using a fabric glue as it sticks better.  If you don’t have it, PVA glue will work.  You will just need to leave it slightly longer to dry.

When everything is dry, take a needle and thread and put a loop of thread through the neck of the jumper.  This is so you can hang it up on your tree.

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Harry Potter jumper Christmas decorations