As you know EC and YC are HUGE Harry Potter fans. When they first discovered the series they were constantly arguing about which Hogwarts house they were in. They both wanted to be in Gryffindor while telling the other they were in Slytherin. To settle any future arguments (or so I thought) I signed them up to the website Pottermore using a couple of my email accounts. Pottermore is the official Harry Potter website run by J.K Rowling. In it you are sorted into your houses, you can find out what wand you have, and even what your Patroness is. Plus they have tons of information about the characters and books. As it turned out EC ended up in Slytherin (it took him about a year to get over that), and YC was in Hufflepuff. Fast forward to this week and we thought it would be fun to make our own Harry Potter Sorting Hat Fortune Teller.

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You will need:

  • Square piece of paper
  • Pen

Do you remember making origami fortune tellers when you were younger? For some reason I seem to know how to make them without ever being taught.   It seems like they are something that every child knows how to make. For those of you that don’t know how to make them, they are very simple.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Fortune Teller

1. Fold your square diagonally. Then unfold it.
2. Fold is diagonally again, but the other way. Unfold it. You should end up with a square that has a large x going from corner to corner.
3. Now fold each of the four corners into the middle. You should end up with a smaller square.
4. Turn the square over.
5. Again fold each of the new four corners into the middle.
6. Fold it in half (top to bottom). Unfold.
7. Repeat folding it in half, this time side to side.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Fortune Teller

Now that your fortune teller is complete you need to slide your thumb and forefinger on both hands into the four pouches.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Fortune Teller

The last thing that you will need to do is write on it. You will need to write on the four outside flaps, 8 inside ones and finally lift those flaps and write the final fortunes, in this case the Hogwarts houses, on the inside. We also added a few things like “hmmmm, I’m not sure where to put you”, “Muggle” as the final fortunes too.

We used character names, magical objects, spells, magical creatures, and subjects as our outside ones.

How to use the Harry Potter Sorting Hat Fortune Teller

A person chooses one of the outside flaps. The person holding the fortune teller then spells out the word while opening and shutting the fortune teller. To move the fortune teller you either pinch your thumb and forefingers together and move your hands apart. Or you keep your hands together and move the thumb and forefinger apart.

Next they choose one of the inside tabs that they can see, there should only be four. Again the person holding the fortune teller spells out the word while moving the fortune teller.

This step is repeated two more times.

Finally the person picks an inside word one more time. This time instead of opening and shutting the fortune teller, the person simple lifts the flap to find out what is said underneath it, and thus reveal the person’s fortune.

YC, EC, and I had such a laugh trying out ours on each other. Especially because we kept going fortunes like – “you’re a muggle” and “you don’t even go to this school”.

If you enjoyed making our Harry Potter Sorting Hat Fortune Teller be sure to check out my Harry Potter wind chime and potions class.

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