Here are our top five recommendations, when it comes to choosing supplements for your kids

1) Multivitamins and minerals – Children’s taste buds are extremely sensitive, and they take a long time to get used to new foods. This can result in fussy eating or demanding favourite foods every day. A multivitamin and mineral is a great way to achieve a good balance of all the essential nutrients, or you could look on it as an insurance policy for your child’s health, because it helps to cover off any elements that may be insufficient in their diets. The Nature’s Plus Animal Parade range of chewables and gummies are popular among children, who love the taste and fun packaging, whereas their mums know that the Xylitol used to sweeten them is natural and won’t damage their teeth. For infants, we have a wonderful Babyplex liquid drops formula.

2) Fish oils – Essential Fatty Acids are vital for brain and nervous system development, as well as growth and healing of every cell in the body. There are numerous studies to support their use in improving concentration and memory of school children. Eskimo Kids are pure natural oils in liquid format, the orange and tutti-frutti flavours mean they can be stirred into juice or yoghurt without suspicion! When breastfeeding it is a very good idea for you to take fish oils yourself as the nutrition will be delivered to your baby, they can also help to lengthen time between feeds. We have a number of excellent choices, so just come along and ask us for advice.

3) Probiotics – The immune system of babies and children is continuously developing, and it is a great idea to help the process by boosting their beneficial gut bacteria. Probiotic powders from Biocare can be stirred into food (not hot food) or mixed with milk for a boost to their natural resistance. There is plenty of evidence to say that probiotics can reduce the incidence of allergies, relieve colic, constipation and improve immunity, so why not give them a try? It is a particularly good idea if your child or baby has been given antibiotics.

4) Cold and flu resistance – It can get disheartening when your little ones are constantly coming down with the dreaded runny nose, so help to nip nasty infections in the bud with some clever nutrients. Bionutri is a naturopathic brand that has created a wonderful virus and bacteria fighter called Junior Elderberry. You could also try a children’s vitamin C, kids zinc or Junior Echinacea.  

5) Just the tonic – You may remember from your own childhood, being given a ‘tonic’ by mummy? Well the modern take on this is to choose a whole food supplement that is simply a nutritious boost to the diet, adding in some extra nourishment essential for energy and growth. The Nature’s Plus Animal Parade Gold Liquid is a lovely choice for those times when your little ones have been under the weather, or try Kids Greenz for an energy boost. 

Rosie Millen, The Health Quarter