Plenish Juices – it’s coming up to that holiday time of over indulgence. Why not do a juice day or even better, buy some juices separately from a plan and drink them along side a veggie day to give your immunity an extra boost and prepare your body!

I’m crazy for this new company, Plenish Cleanse. The juices are delicious and the owner is lovely to deal with.

Magnesium Spray Oil – Yes, it’s a spray!

Magnesium is a miracle mineral. It’s needed for many processes in the body such as encouraging the body to absorb calcium and yet so many people are deficient in it. The problem with taking it orally is that most of it passes through our digestion and out again with minimal absorption. This is where this spray comes in. Absorbing it through the skin means that you get all of the benefit internally. I try to spray myself after shower at least 3 times a week. It feels like salt water. Stick with it. Your body will thank you.