1. You are what you absorb – did you know that your skin absorbs about 60% of products put on the skin so make sure to reduce both you and your children’s exposure by using the most natural and organic you can afford. That goes for wipes, body washes, creams etc

2. Coconut oil, a hidden jem! You can cook with it (use it as you would any other oil) put it on ur skin as moisturiser, extra conditioning treatment for hair

3. Aloe Vera – another gift from nature: aids in healthy digestion, immune system, skin, full of vitamins and is an anti inflammatory.

4. Get a movin! – yoga, walking, running, dancing, whatever takes your fancy! the mind and body are so inextricably linked that to borrow that frank Sinatra line, You can’t have one without other! Not only will it lift your mood and increase blood flow to all your vital organs, you will be balancing you hormone levels creating a healthier happier you! Food is important but you must get moving to complete the picture!

5. Alkaline foods are the way to go – these reduce overall inflammation in the body, very important for continued health. Make sure you and the kids steer clear of acidic sugary refined foods and opt for alkaline based foods for all the family