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It’s always a struggle to find snacks for a lunchbox that are not only easy to throw in but are also packed full of nutritious and healthy ingredients. There are so many sweets and nasties that are sold in multipacks, which make it easier to neglect the good stuff and lead to yours and your kids lunch boxes being… well unhealthy. We’ve gathered our favourite go-to healthy snacks that are both nutritious and delicious, to get the brand new school year off to a rip-roaring start!

Snack Organisation Freeze Dried Apple from Tesco





Mini Oat Little Dish Go Go biscuits exclusively at Tesco

Strawberry and Butternut Claws from Bear Nibbles

Happy Kale BBQ from Planet Organic

Good For You Desert Bars from Rhythm 108

Yeo Valley Little Yeos, Fromage Frais Tubes from Abel & Cole

Nakd Cocoa Orange Fruit and Nut Bites from Natural Balance Foods

Get Fruity Bars from Get Fruity

New Dairy Free Organic Coconut Yogurts from Rebel Kitchen

Coconut Chocolate Chip from Clif Bar

Rocking Raspberry + Mango Fruity Bars from Ella’s Kitchen


Pulsin ‘Kids’ Fruity Oat Bars from Pulsin

Kallo Kids Milk Chocolate Rice Cake Minis from Waitrose

Daylesford Organic’s Almond and Pistachio Superfood Bars

Punch Foods Superseeds Tube Coconut Brownie from Planet Organic

Organix Goodies Apple and Orange Mini Oaty Bites from Ocado

Bounce Energy Balls Coconut & Macadamia from Boots

Raw Organic Raspberry & Baobab Coconut Crisps available soon from Daylesford Farm and Ocado

Coconut Barleygrass Energise Bar from Planet Organic

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