A few years ago I made a heart pattern busy bag.  We still have that busy bag, and pull it out around Valentine’s every year.  This year I thought I would build on that idea and turn it from a simple pattern maker to creating heart and circle animal pictures.

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To create your own heart and circle animal pictures you will need:

  • Coloured paper
  • Card stock
  • Heart shaped hole punch (optional)
  • Circle hole punch (optional)
  • Glue
  • Coloured pencils

Start by cutting out your hearts and circles.  I used a circle and a heart hole punch for this part.  You can, of course, just cut them out by hand, but it is far quicker with the hole punches.

When you have enough hearts and circles, start to create your animals.

heart and circle animal pictures

Before we stuck it down, we would try to make our animals.  Then when we were satisfied with them we glued them down.

heart and circle animal pictures

Going clockwise we have YC’s shark, EC’s snake, BB’s work of art, and YC’s penguin.

I spent a while trying to make a shark, but ended up with a flying bird.  YC had the brilliant idea to make one face on rather than a side on view.  It was very ingenious.

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heart and circle animal pictures - kids valentine's craft