You will need: 

  • A comb or brush
  • 2 hair elastics
  • 2 bobbie pins (optional)


Take the top half of her hair and put it into a pony tail.


Make a little hole in the hair right above the elastic with your finger.

Take the hair in the pony tail under and up through the hole you made.

Do you remember the topsy tail? This is what you are doing. Just with your fingers not with the tool. If you have a topsy tail, you can use it.


Divide the pony tail,which is on top of her head now, into two equal sections.

Braid each section.

I have ladybug hold the first strand while I braid the other. If your daughter is not old enough to hold her hair, using an elastic is fine.

Now you have two braids.

Take the ends of the braids and meet them at the bottom. You can make the heart as big or as little as you desire.

Tie the ends together with an elastic.

If your child’s hair is really thick and heavy you may want to use a few Bobbie pins to secure the heart into place.

Ta-Da you just made a heart!

This is where you can get creative. You can sew a ribbon through the braid, or wrap a ribbon around the braid.

You can also add a bow.