Last year I made a Valentine’s Bingo game and was left with hundreds of cut out hearts. Rather than throw them away I stuck them into a busy bag with some glue and record cards to use while we were out and about. They actually proved really popular with YC and EC and over the past year we have used lots of different shapes to make our heart pattern pictures, and because it makes for a small busy bag it is easy to take it anywhere with you. I had mine in my bag when we went skiing and pulled them out when we were waiting for lunch.

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You will need:

  • Heart shaped hole punch
  • Coloured card
  • A5 sized record cards
  • Glue

Using the hole punch cut out lots of heart shapes; I managed to pick up some Dulux sheets of paint samples from the local DIY shop, and used them to cut out the shapes. It gave me a varied selection of colours without having to go through lots of sheets of paper.

Then simple let your little ones lose with the hearts and some glue and watch their patterns take shape.

heart pattern pictures

YC making her picture last year while skiing.

Pin for later:

Valentine's Heart Pattern Picture. They also make great craft to add to a busy bag.