I am slightly obsessed with making sensory bottles for BB at the moment. So far this year I have made him as Hama bead and loom band one. The main reason I am in love with these sensory bottles is that they make a wonderful distraction tool for BB while I am changing his nappy. It helps to keep him in place rather than having him rolling away all the time. This week’s one is a heart sensory bottle in honour of Valentine’s Day.

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You will need:

* I used a Voss water bottle for this heart sensory bottle, as they are such a nice shape. Plus the labels come off really easily. However they are rather big and harder for smaller hands to hold.

Before you add anything to your bottle make sure that you use give it a good clean out.

Add you hearts to your bottle.

Then add your clear soap and water. The slower you want the hearts to move and fall the more soap you need to add.

When it is all ready dry the top and add some glue before putting the lid back on.

Heart sensory bottle

BB was really funny with this heart sensory bottle. It is the biggest one that I have given him, so he couldn’t actually shake it like the other ones he has. Instead he would bring it up to his eyes and stare through it, which he found hilarious. Thankfully this bottle did its job and kept him still long enough for me to wash, change, and dress him.

Heart sensory bottle

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Heart sensory bottle for babies and toddlers.

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